We help ambitious DTC brands accelerate their growth through paid media and email marketing.

Do this without breaking the bank, relying on guesswork, or banging your head against the wall.
You've seen our clients in:

If you’ve run into any of these challenges…

You’re looking to expand into email marketing or paid advertising but you’re not sure how to do it.
You know results could (and should) be better than what they are now.
You’ve outgrown your current provider, and you’re looking for expert guidance to the next level of growth.
You’re considering hiring an in-house team but don’t want the stress that comes with this.
You’ve been burned by other agencies in the past.
You’re in the right place.

Our team partners with DTC eCommerce brands of any size. Regardless if you’re a growing startup or an established 7-figure brand looking for the next level of growth - we’ve got you covered.

We’ve generated some pretty awesome success stories for our clients.
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Email + SMS

683% Growth in Email Marketing Revenue

40% year-over-year top line growth for 3 straight years
Blended ROAS increased by 16%
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The service is excellent. They’re very responsive and transparent about what they’re doing. They’re able to manage a bit of an opaque industry, so to have a partner that is quick to respond and easily workable is great.”
Ryan Schmidt
CEO, Tweedmaker
Email + SMS
Paid Ads

$680,000+ Increased Revenue Within 5 Months

5.7x revenue per recipient than industry avgerage
58% total revenue attributed to email marketing
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"We were blown away within the first week. It only got better from there. We now know what a healthy email system looks like, and how to run it because of One 10 Media."
- Online Coffee Retailer
Email + SMS

955% ROI YTD

219% year-over-year increase in email revenue
Email conversions surged by 94% year-over-year
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"One 10 Media is extremely responsive and has done an excellent job delivering great work on time and as needed. They were able top act quickly when circumstances required and overall their work has been excellent.”
Mike Slinkard
President, HECS Hunting
Email + SMS
Paid Ads

184% Revenue Increase Year-Over-Year

70% Increase in email revenue year-over-year
273% Increase in average order value
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"The One 10 Media team has been very effective in delivering results for our business. Since partnering with them on our Meta ads, our sales have increased by 167% within just two months. Additionally, our collaboration on the email campaigns over the past eight months has increased our total campaign by 145% YoY."
Robbie Lambert
CEO, Motor City Barrels
Email + SMS

2951% ROI In 5 Months

From $0 in email revenue to $368K in just 5 months
Sustained open rates of 50% on an account that had never sent a campaign
$69K in SMS revenue during the same period
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"The One 10 team is absolutely amazing! We went through the entire email marketing basically from zero to perfection and they did a great job, both professionally and efficiently. We really enjoyed working with this team and would highly recommend you to work with them. Trust me, you will be impressed!" 
Jeremy Luo

We send emails. We run ads.

You get sales.

Email is the most profitable channel for eCommerce brands. It’s also a lot more than just pretty pictures. Why leave such an important channel to chance? We’ll audit your existing setup, create the strategy, and execute all things email and SMS to help you retain customers longer, that will have an incredible impact on your overall business.
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The media buying landscape is complicated and gets harder every year. Most agencies don’t have what it takes to succeed here. Our team has the obsession, skills, and the experience required to help you acquire more customers, profitably… And at scale. We offer a hands-off solution for paid media on Meta, Instagram, and Google Ads.
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Certified Partners

Meta Business Partner

Don't take our word for it

“Knowing that your team is constantly working on and implementing new ideas like this behind the scenes is so valuable to us — just wanted to make sure this one didn't go unappreciated! We credit a big part of our growth this year to ya’ll”
Evan Katz
Co-Founder, Very Special Games
“With One 10 Media we always felt listened to and that they adapted strategy, tone and content around what fits our business best . The customer service and effort into truly working with a brand rather than an assembly line approach is what sets them apart and will make One 10 Media our go-to for email marketing.”
Flush Packaging
“Soo impressed. The team effort is outstanding. You and the team have built an amazing advertising agency. We’re grateful to be a part of it : )”
Lizzie Nirenberg
“The service is excellent. They’re very responsive and transparent about what they’re doing. They’re able to manage a bit of an opaque industry, so to have a partner that is quick to respond and easily workable is great. [...] Email marketing flows now contribute to a significant percentage of our ecommerce revenue.”
Todd Bottorff
CEO, TC Craft Tequila
“Before working with One 10 Media, we had a lot of email subscribers, but couldn't convert them. We've capitalized on sales and customer conversions by having One 10 Media set up our email marketing.”
Amy Kim
Kind Tail
“We’ve already seen significant results…The One 10 Media team has been very responsive, communicative, and helpful.”
Brian Barr
Founder, Feeling Swell
“The One 10 Media team was one of the only groups I found that understood what I was looking for with minimal explanation. [...] We’ve been growing between 50%–100%, and I assign a good amount of credit to One 10 Media.”
Jimmy Fritz
CEO, Kennedy Blue
“I want to say thank you so much to each of you for advising us and guiding us through marketing. It is exactly what we are looking for in a partnership - transparency and curiosity. Jonni and I have such belief in this business and we are giving it all, but we couldn’t do any of it without a team! And we really do consider each of you an extension of our Perkie team and integral part of our journey. Thank you for each of you bringing your best. We are so excited to grow together!”
Marah Light
Perkie Prints
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Why work with us?

Our #1 core value is to give a sh!t.

No, really. It came to us from one of our happy clients:

“You guys are different. You give a shit.” (Thanks, Brian!)

And the truth is, we could not have said it better ourselves.

Our job is to get results… To grow your brand…. To make things happen...

And we’re obsessed with marketing and solving marketing problems.

The end result is a team of A players who think like owners and love what they do. 

We’re great at just a few things, not mediocre at eighteen like other agencies.

We thrive on the challenge of growing brands, and we’ll show you exactly how to get from where you’re at to where you want to be.

It’s a very different experience working with us.

Don’t take our word for it though.

Book a call and find out for yourself.
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Are you ready to scale your eCommerce business?

Work with your own dedicated team of experts that have done it dozens of times before. We will help you reach your goals faster, with more efficiency, and amazing communication along the way.

Still have some questions?

I’m concerned about my brand voice and aesthetic. Will you be able to replicate that?

Of course! Here is what one of our clients said about this: “You clearly did your homework. Going through the copy and seeing a lot of the wording and tone that we had used in social posts and on the website - that made me feel immediately at ease. You clearly dove deep into our brand and didn't just come back with boilerplate. I was relieved when I saw the first draft and knew the rest of the process was downhill from here.”

What types of brands do you work with?

We work with all types of DTC eCommerce brands. It doesn’t matter what you sell. If you want to grow your eCommerce business, we have a solution for you. We’ve worked in fashion, home decor, CPG, CBD, skin care, beauty, health & fitness, supplements, pets, furniture, sports, children’s brands, alcohol, coffee, and food.

What size stores do you work with?

Our current client roster ranges from new startups all the way to large brands doing over $50M a year in annual revenue. We have solutions for stores of all sizes.

How is One 10 Media different?

We’re small and nimble. We focus on results. We’ll feel more like a partner, a consultant, and an extension of your team than an agency. Our clients comment on our stellar service and commitment to growth. All. The. Time.

What services do you offer?

Our philosophy has always been to be great at just a few things instead of mediocre at eighteen services like “big agencies”. We run ads on Meta, Instagram, and Google. And we offer full service email and SMS services. All of our packages have an element of consulting to them as well.
If you’ve made it this far, we’re probably a great fit.
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Increased Revenue
Saved Time
Incredible Support
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