SMS Marketing for Accelerated eCommerce Growth

Increase Sales Through the Power of Conversational Marketing

Conversation = Conversions

The buying habits of consumers are radically changing.
And a one-size-fits-all broadcasting approach to marketing doesn’t work like it used to.

Instead, today’s consumer wants relevant, personalized marketing and communication.

And they want it NOW.

The answer? SMS Marketing, or as we like to call it Conversational Marketing –
the intersection of messaging apps and online shopping.

A well-designed SMS strategy will take care of the entire customer journey. Yes, you read that correctly. THE ENTIRE CUSTOMER JOURNEY.

To put it simply, conversation = conversions, aka, more money in YOUR pocket while you sleep, eat, or sip Mai Thais in Hawaii.

Ready to join the conversation and increase eCommerce sales with SMS marketing?

Are Chatbots a Fad

Take a moment and picture a solution that automates sales, conversions, lead generation, and customer service.

  • 80% open rates? Done!
  • 30% click-through rates? A walk in the park!
  • Smoother buying experience? No problemo.
  • Increased sales? Money in the bank!
Adding SMS marketing to an eCommerce store is like pouring gasoline on a fire. It’s the rocket-fuel you need to accelerate your growth.

Are Chatbots a Fad? We’ll let you decide.


Forecasts predict that in 2021 the average person will have more daily engagements with a bot than their spouse!


Projections show chatbots will save businesses and consumers 2.5 billion hours by 2023.


of consumers are more likely to make purchases with businesses they can directly message.


of consumers pre-research purchases online. Chatbots put eCommerce stores at the front of the research stage.
Chatbots bridge the communication gap between eCommerce stores and their customers. And unlike your best friend’s nephew, Bob, who helps with customer service, Chatbots don’t get tired. 

They don’t get sick or go to sleep at night. And they’ll never leave a greasy burrito wrapper on their desk. So the question to ask isn’t “do I need a chatbot?” but instead “what do I want my chatbot to do?”

3 Ways to Put a Chatbot to Work for Your eCommerce store

Customer Service

Customer service chatbots are designed to automate frequently asked questions 24/7.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or how many thousands of people are on your site. Every single one of your visitor’s questions will be answered instantly.

From order tracking, returns, and exchange, shipping information, appointment scheduling, business information (location, hours, etc) and subscriptions (newsletters) — it can all be automated with the right chatbot in place. Pretty sweet, right?

That means fewer questions in your inbox and less friction for the consumer. Looks like Bob in customer service might need to dust off the old resume…


Meet your customers where they are.

Conversational marketing is an omnichannel experience, providing your customers with a completely seamless and integrated shopping experience from the first touchpoint to the last.

When you drive customers to your site from an ad, bots will immediately engage, auto-capture their information, and add them to the funnel.

The conversation continues with SMS (text) and email, and creates a smooth customer experience no matter where they are in the customer journey. In short, chatbots + advertising = eCommerce gold!


When a visitor on your website shows interest, your friendly bot greets them and begins the relationship-building process.

It will answer their questions, make product recommendations and even take payment and provide automated shipping updates.

And did we mention your bot will do this 24/7?

You're in Great Hands

As former eCommerce store owners and masters of conversational marketing, we know what it takes to build bots. With our expertise and proven experience, we’ll help you…
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Build your lists: email, messenger, SMS
  • Drive sales
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Create a personalized customer journey
  • Provide automated customer support
And we’ll keep the conversation going by infusing humor and wit into each custom-crafted conversation. Why? Because funny = money and we want to keep your customer hooked from beginning to purchase.


  • "One 10 Media took initiative on everything. I didn't have to follow up a single time. Communication was a non-issue. I was extremely impressed with how fast they were able to put this all together. I was under the gun to get this done and they got it all done, professionally, with time to spare."


    Amaranth Vase Company

  • "Most importantly, the outcome has been far better than I expected. They've gotten better results than I anticipated. The results are great. The working relationship is great, but I really appreciate what they've done for my company."

    Brian Peterson

    Owner - Beard Perfect

  • "The quality has been excellent. One 10 Media has helped us figure out our messaging, which requires a lot of experimentation and testing. One 10 Media really dives deep into what has worked in the last week, the specifics of the ads, and how we can improve our strategies."

    Lakshmi Jayanti

    CEO & Founder - Pick Up Sports

  • "They excel at managing the opaque industry of media buying. The team's communication is noteworthy, as is their ability to meet deadlines. The service is excellent. They're very responsive and transparent about what they're doing. To have a partner that is quick to respond and easily workable is great."


    Men's Clothing Brand

  • "The team is always responsive. They always ask question as if they're the business owner. Very few companies that have the same attitude as them. They make sure we get results. They also have valuable ideas that I didn't have myself. If you have an e-commerce business and need some fresh ideas, they're the team for you."

    Glen Rosenberg

    CEO, Beauty Angels Academy

  • "The strategy was in place and the campaign was great. They were on top of everything. Communication was great. They were easy to work with, they had a lot of experience, and they knew what they were doing."


    Hair Product Marketplace

  • "In a world where personal relationships are becoming fewer and fewer, One 10 Media is a bright spot."

    Alan Warren

    Host, The RV Show USA

  • "We have hired them to build chatbot flows and conduct advanced A/B split test on our product pages. All resulting in a dramatic increase in ROAS for our business. Since working with One 10 Media our success as a company has skyrocketed. Since working with them, they've proven that they are one of the best digital marketing agencies in the game."

    Thomas Britton

    Director Of Your Home Heroes

  • "Within 30 minutes of our conversation, it was clear that they were the team I needed to hire."


    Founder LGAR, Inc


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