Facebook Ads for Super Fast eCommerce Growth

Accelerate Your Store Revenue with Proven Facebook Advertising Strategies

Facebook Advertising shouldn’t feel like a game of chance. Throwing something at a wall and waiting to see what sticks is a surefire way to fall behind your competitors and waste a whole lot of money.

BUT if you want to supercharge your store growth, You need to grab your customer’s attention. And Facebook Advertising is one of, if not the MOST effective way to do just that.

Imagine if you had ONE strategy to create ads that attracted highly targeted and engaged customers on demand…

  • High click-through rates? Check!
  • Generating a flood of sales? Easy!
  • Finding new customers profitably? Line ‘em up!
  • Easy Opt-In experience? Done!

Using our proven strategy, we’ll manage and optimize your Facebook Ad campaigns for quick scale and maximum ROI.



But Do Facebook Ads REALLY Work? You tell us…

  • Facebook Advertising accounts for 80.4% of U.S. social referral share to eCommerce sites
  • An average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month
  • While email gets an average open rate of about 20%, Facebook Messenger Ad open rates of 80% are very common

Consumers are discovering new eCommerce brands on Facebook more than any other channel. And finding new, profitable customers is the key to your store’s growth.

We Run Ads. We Build Bots. You Get Sales.

It’s really THAT simple.  Here at One 10 Media, we believe in the power of Facebook Advertising combined with chatbots, or as we like to call it, Conversational MarketingToday’s customers are using messenger apps more than ever before, and that’s where they want to talk to your brand.  With more than 40 billion messages being exchanged each month between brands and consumers, the conversation is already happening. 


When you drive your customers to your site from an ad, bots will immediately engage, auto-capture their information, and add them to the funnel. Shazam!

As the go-to agency for eCommerce chatbots, we believe that funny = money and most marketing is miserably bland. With our team of epic direct response writers and standup comedians, the bots we create for our clients are anything but boring.  When the conversation begins and the sales start flooding in, you’ll be laughing your way to the bank!

As former eCommerce store owners,
we know what works.

And to help you get the most out of your Facebook Ads, we’ve created a proven 4-step process to creating highly profitable ads. But in order to find your customers, you need to meet them where they are in their journey. And with Facebook serving up to 1 trillion views per month, having the right strategy is critical to the success of your ads.

Here’s how it works!


To kick things off, we’ll take a deep dive into your ad account to assess what’s working and what’s not. We know exactly how to measure success and map out your strategy so you can pick up the low hanging fruit and long-term opportunities that make a big impact on your business.


Your customers expect a great user experience. Even with the most successful ad campaign, it will be a shot in the dark without a conversion-driven website. Driving customers to your site is only one piece of your marketing funnel. 

We’ll make sure your site provides a user-friendly, seamless experience from the first view to order confirmation.


This is the beginning of creating highly targeted and raving fans. We create a hyper-personalized experience both off and on your site with our proven Facebook Advertising and chatbot strategies. 

Our custom conversational bots will seamlessly take visitors from awareness to purchase while you’re busy running your business.


Like crafting the perfect stand-up routine, scaling your Facebook Ads is an art form. And we’re proud to say it’s one we’ve mastered. 

We’ll optimize the winners, cut the losers, and rinse and repeat to increase your ROI without sacrificing your cost per acquisition.

Interested in learning more about the highly profitable world Facebook Ads and Chatbots for eCommerce brands?