Paid Social, Email and SMS Marketing Agency

“You Guys Are Different. You Give A Sh*t.”  

That's a real client testimonial. (Thanks, Brian) 

And the truth is, we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

We’re here to make things happen for our clients. 

And we’re obsessed with marketing and choose that as our playground. 

The end result is a team of A-players who love what they do.

And suddenly, marketing is really difficult.

(We’re looking at you iOS 14, iOS 15, and third-party cookies.)

And attribution has gotten more complicated. (See ya ROAS.)

But figuring things out is fun for us. Because we love it.

What’s the answer?

Well, there are several. But one that really matters is:

First-party data and creating personalized marketing experiences at scale. 

Your customer wants to feel special and like you’re talking to them. 

Selling pet food? 

You should know (and leverage) that their lizard’s name is Fluffy. 

Fluffy runs out of food every 30 days. And her birthday is June 12th. 

Your marketing experiences should encompass all of those personalization points.

And it should be delivered via their preferred channel (your customer. Not Fluffy)… At the right time. 

It might be SMS. Or email. Or ads.

Or more than likely… A sophisticated strategy that involves all of those channels working together.  And that’s what we do.

One 10 Media runs paid social, email campaigns,
and SMS campaigns for DTC eCommerce brands.

We can help you grow your acquisition channels and then increase your AOV and LTV with our retention strategies.

We’ll be a partner for you and consult on anything that we think can help. 

We’re in it to help YOU win it.

You’ve seen our clients on the Inc 5000, Shark Tank, and Good Morning America.

We also work with lots of great brands that you’ve probably never heard of. Those are our favorites. 


Want to go from $0 in revenue to $3.8MM in your first year? Been there. Done that.
(P.S. It was hard.) 
Already at $20MM and need some expert insight? We’ve done that, too. That’s usually where we find the biggest messes.
And messes mean opportunity. 
Need to break company records but you sell suits that nobody needs during a pandemic? It’s just what we do. (sold the suits, broke the records, got the girl.)

If you made it this far, you’re probably a great fit.

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