Step-Up Sales & Strengthen Customer Loyalty Through SMS Marketing

When was the last time you went a day without your phone? Can’t remember? You are not the only one . . . In fact, there are about 295 MILLION daily smartphone users in the U.S. alone (that’s more than 80% of the country!).

That’s great news for business owners and marketers because it gives them a way to reach customers directly through their cellphones in a more intimate, more direct, AND more effective way than ads or emails alone: SMS marketing.

Yes, texting! With an open rate of more than 90%, SMS marketing can help foster customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and capitalize on the impulse buying tendencies of the 21st century.

Alert customers to flash sales, get feedback on recent purchases, send shipping updates, and even start a 2-way conversation with them about, well . . . anything!

There is simply no better way to build a rock-solid relationship with your customers than sliding into their DMs.

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Ready, Set, Send.

Single-channel marketing is a thing of the past. Gone are the days where one flyer or one radio commercial sealed the deal. These days it takes upward of 8 points of contact with a potential customer before a sale is made!

Getting in front of your potential customers from multiple different platforms and angles is the KEY to consistent sales and brand loyalty. In tandem with Facebook Ads and Email Marketing, SMS marketing allows brands to reach current and potential customers in REAL-TIME with targeted messaging and urgency.

However, without a strategic plan, customers can easily get overwhelmed by messages. This is why it’s crucial to work with marketing experts who can help you create SMS campaigns that generate sales and lock in loyalty.

How it Works

Our seamless 4-step process is fine-tuned to deliver maximum results.


Channel Alignment

Success starts here – with strategic coordination between your emails and SMS marketing campaigns. We start by auditing your current email flows to create custom SMS messaging that aligns with your brand and nurtures relationships with your customers.

From there, we make sure your campaigns are in sync to get you on track to your goals, including how often to message specific audiences and what kind of messaging to send to each audience. We develop a strategy that leverages the value (and data) of each channel to boost your engagement rates.


Consent To Text

Before we can get your audience’s attention, we need to get their permission. Like emails, you need consent to send commercial texts. Without it, you can compromise trust in your brand, and you can also run into some complicated legal issues. Not to worry! We collect consent so your audience is on board to receive SMS messages.

And once we’re good to go – we can segment your SMS list to personalize messages (and enhance greater connections!).



Strategy? Check. Consent? Check. Now to the fun part – putting it all into play. We take care of EVERYTHING. Our expert copywriters will craft the perfect messaging that will not only build trust and loyalty but persuade buyers to make moves! And we cover the tech side for our clients too. We set up the texts in your CRM, segment your audience lists, develop all the flows, and boom – you’re in business!


Measurement & Optimization

The last – but most important step to us – is the measurement stage. We love numbers, especially ones that show us our client's growth! We monitor the performance of every SMS campaign we send out. After analyzing performance data, we make any necessary tweaks to optimize the campaign and send you performance reports on a weekly and monthly basis.


  • "One 10 media took initiative on everything. I didn't have to follow up a single time. Communication was a non issue. I was extremely impressed with how fast they were able to put this all together. I was under the gun to get this done and they got it all done, professionally, with time to spare."


    Amaranth Vase Company

  • "Most importantly, the outcome has been far better than I expected. They've gotten better results than I anticipated. The results are great. The working relationship is great, but I really appreciate what they've done for my company."

    Brian Peterson

    Owner - Beard Perfect

  • "The quality has been excellent. One 10 Media has helped us figure out our messaging, which requires a lot of experimentation and testing. One 10 Media really dives deep into what has worked in the last week, the specifics of the ads, and how we can improve our strategies."

    Lakshmi Jayanti

    CEO & Founder - Pick Up Sports

  • "They excel at managing the opaque industry of media buying. The team's communication is noteworthy, as is their ability to meet deadlines. The service is excellent. They're very responsive and transparent about what they're doing. To have a partner that is quick to respond and easily workable is great."


    Men's Clothing Brand

  • "The team is always responsive. They always ask question as if they're the business owner. Very few companies that have the same attitude as them. They make sure we get results. They also have valuable ideas that I didn't have myself. If you have an e-commerce business and need some fresh ideas, they're the team for you."

    Glen Rosenberg

    CEO, Beauty Angels Academy

  • "The strategy was in place and the campaign was great. They were on top of everything. Communication was great. They were easy to work with, they had a lot of experience, and they knew what they were doing."


    Hair Product Marketplace

  • "In a world where personal relationships are becoming fewer and fewer, One 10 Media is a bright spot."

    Alan Warren

    Host, The RV Show USA

  • "We have hired them to build chatbot flows and conduct advanced A/B split test on our product pages. All resulting in a dramatic increase in ROAS for our business. Since working with One 10 Media our success as a company has skyrocketed. Since working with them, they've proven that they are one of the best digital marketing agencies in the game."

    Thomas Britton

    Director Of Your Home Heroes

  • "Within 30 minutes of our conversation, it was clear that they were the team I needed to hire."


    Founder LGAR, Inc


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