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Mike started his first eCommerce business during college when he would skip his classes to sell stuff, and he’s been at it ever since. With over 25 years of experience in online marketing, his passion is now helping eCommerce brands grow and scale their businesses.

Mike has worked with several of The Sharks from Shark Tank and their companies, Hollywood celebrities, and tons of small but successful brands that you’ve probably never heard of. A two-time speaker at Ad World, Mike enjoys speaking about marketing and entrepreneurship. 

When he’s not working on redefining agency culture at One 10 Media, you can find Mike reading, attending concerts, performing stand-up comedy, or hanging out with his wife and kids. He’s been voted the funniest agency owner in the U.S, two years in a row by his kids.



Steph is a creative thinker paired with a love for processes & systems (she nerds out over a good spreadsheet or project management software).

She is passionate about cultivating connections with clients and fostering a team culture of continual growth. She dove into the ecommerce world a few years ago customizing Shopify sites and email flows, brings more than 10 years of project and client management experience, and is Klaviyo certified.

She loves a good podcast or book on personal development, enjoys baking with her kids, and often plans her days around her coffee consumption.



Niek lives in Amsterdam and has more than seven years of experience in media buying across several platforms. He’s the current record holder at One 10 Media for many client growth records. Some of us here think he might practice witchcraft… It’s the only explanation. 

When Niek isn’t breaking client growth records, you can find him working out, reading, hanging out with his friends, or trying to get his readiness score up on his Oura ring. 


Client Account Manager

After Katie graduated from UW-Milwaukee, she entered the digital marketing world to explore her passion for email strategy, SMS, social media and paid advertising.

With over 6 years of experience in email marketing, Katie is exceptional at combining her creative talents with data-driven analysis to deliver the best possible email results for our clients. 

In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with her husband and new baby. She also likes camping, game nights, and spends way too much time watching true crime shows which keeps the rest of the team on her good side.



If you ask Marko why he works here, he’ll tell you it’s because the rest of the team wants to vacation near his house on the Croatian Islands. And while that’s true, it’s his exceptional design skills that makes everybody say “Wow!”.

He’s a marketing all-rounder with over 8 years of experience in graphic design, video editing, and social media management. He may or may not have told a little white lie to get the gig here, but we’re glad he did.

In his spare time, you can find him hanging out with his wife and kids, playing tennis, or swimming. Marko is also a big NBA fan, and his favorite player is Luka Doncic.



Victoria graduated as a lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property and New Technologies. Her first venture into email marketing was with her own fashion brand, and she immediately fell in love with it. 

When she’s not working, you can find Victoria hanging out with her family and her dog. She enjoys true crime podcasts, reality TV shows, and spending time at the beach.



When she's not lifting weights, you can find her effortlessly lifting email campaigns to new heights. With a passion for pushing her limits in the gym and the digital realm, Fadoua knows how to pump up those email open rates like nobody's business.

This dedicated fitness enthusiast doesn't just sculpt her biceps, she sculpts creative strategies that leave clients in awe. Armed with dumbbells and a keyboard, she fearlessly explores uncharted territory to discover groundbreaking email marketing ideas that make jaws drop and inboxes burst with joy.

With a mind that's always lifting and hustling, Fadoua has become a master at lifting brand awareness through clever strategies. Her emails are like a heavy deadlift for your business—they grab attention, make an impact, and leave a lasting impression.



Michael from Kansas City, MO, has humbly navigated the growth marketing world for over a decade and is continuing to learn, once stumbling upon a seven-figure success for a startup from scratch, thanks to some lucky Facebook ads (and maybe a bit of know-how). Fueled by his love for pour-over coffee and ambition, he approaches each day with cautious optimism.

Away from the computer, he's a family man, devoted to his wife of 14 years and their four lively children, and finds unlikely escapades in disc golf, quietly nurturing a "modest" collection of discs, much to everyone's amusement. Who needs more than one frisbee?


media buyer

Wil is a leader in the online advertising space. He began his career in the SF Bay area helping start-up companies find success. He's worked on Instacart, Gusto, Glassdoor and numerous other well known brands. Now, he works with the One 10 team to help companies find the same success.

In his off time, Wil can be found playing and taking care of his twin girls, visiting Napa or sleeping in the backyard. He has also found a new love for Disney songs, Elsa and all things princesses.

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