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Mike started marketing online back in his college days when he would skip class to sell stuff.

He’s worked in many industries over the years in every aspect of marketing.

When he’s not helping businesses sell more stuff, he’s making people laugh (so he thinks) as a stand up comic or hanging out with his wife and kids.


email marketing MANAGER

Steph has a degree in interior design and is a creative thinker paired with a love for process & systems (she nerds out over a good spreadsheet or project management software).

She is passionate about cultivating connections with clients and fostering a team culture of continual growth. With over 10 years of project management experience, she found herself diving into the ecommerce world a couple of years ago and found her passion with email marketing.

She loves a good podcast or book on personal development, enjoys baking with her kids, and often plans her days around her coffee consumption.



Philip is an industry veteran with over 10 years of experience in email marketing, and has managed the campaign strategy for almost any industry you can imagine; B2C, B2B, B2G, and even international campaigns.

Philip graduated with a degree in Finance, and his bottom-line approach to strategy shows. In his personal time, Philip fancies himself a globe trotter and has lived in 4 different countries. He is currently based in Glendale, AZ.



Sergio is our master social and SEM technician. He discovered digital marketing as he looked for ways to combine his pragmatic and data-driven approach with his creative instincts. 

Sergio graduated as an Economics major from Amherst College, MA, and now lives in Quito, Ecuador. He spends WAY too much time at the beach, plays guitar, and loves reading fantasy fiction. When he’s not reading romance novels (we mean fantasy fiction) on the beach, he’s putting together seriously amazing ad campaigns and stunning data dashboards.



Niek is our secret weapon here at One 10 Media. Some call him the pixel whisperer. Known for his amazing media buying capabilities across several platforms, Niek gets results that nobody else can.

We cannot show his picture or reveal his identity. Some say it’s just because he keeps forgetting to send his picture and bio. But it’s really because he’s way too handsome and we also think he might be on the run.



After Katie graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a business degree, she entered the digital marketing world to explore her passion for email strategy, SMS, social media, paid advertising and everything else digital marketing-related. 

Driven by data and results, she takes pride in providing the best analytics to her clients, with action plans on how to use that data to improve going forward.In her free time, Katie loves to go camping, try a new recipe in the kitchen, and have game nights with family and friends.



Marketing all-rounder with more than 8 years of experience in graphic design, video editing and social media management.

Clients highly appreciate his creative and professional work, availability and fast turnaround time.



Meagan has a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations and nearly a decade of experience in marketing. She is extremely organized, allowing her to successfully manage the many moving parts of any project. Meagan loves being creative and coming up with strategic solutions to have the most success in whatever she’s tackling. 

When Meagan isn’t managing projects, she’s enjoying life with her husband and two kids.



Maris has been an email marketer for nearly 4 years helping a wide variety of DTC brands achieve their owned media goals. She loves to see her crafted ideas turn into real revenue for her clients. 

When she’s not working or dreaming about the customer journey, you can find her working in her craft room making gift products. She also loves anime, planet documentaries, and real-life conspiracy theories.


Facebook ads expert

Clay is a Facebook Ads expert with over six years of experience in e-commerce. His specialized knowledge in media buying enables him to diagnose and design campaigns based on data as well as a holistic-feel for account management. 

Originally from Las Vegas, Clay now enjoys the expat life in Mexico City, Mexico. He loves reading and learning about business and when not working, can be found exploring Mexico and (only occasionally) indulging in the delightful Mexican cuisine.

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